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Dementia ( Hardback ).
This thoughtful new work begins by asking the question 'what is normal in cognitive and pathological ageing?' The clinician's experience of dementia and mild cognitive impairment suggests that these conditions present in a variety of forms and progress at different rates, with a spectrum of disability ranging from a barely perceptible loss of mental acuity to the severe debilitation of advanced Alzheimer's disease. This atlas utilises diagnostic imaging, histopathological findings, schematic diagrams and other graphics to illustrate the symptom profiles, aetiology, and epidemiology of the more common dementias. The authors present comparisons of Alzheimer's and Lewy body disease, frontal temporal and vascular dementias and other dementing illnesses, to illustrate the problems inherent in distinguishing between them, and in making a diagnosis.
ISBN13: 9781904392378
ISBN10: 1904392377

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